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Forgot your car keys at the beach? Lost them somehow? Maybe you just want to make another copy of it? No matter what’s the reason, we can help!

Losing your car keys is an unpleasant situation. Whether it will prevent you from going to work, or make picking up the kids harder, you need the best solution ASAP!

We, at 24/7 Locksmith Sydney can help at all time! Just call us and we can solve your problem in no time and in lowest prices.

I've lost my car keys Keyless Car Theft

How To Get Our Car Key Make service?

Getting our service is quite simple:

  • Contact us! You can either call us at 02-8311-3333 or email us at We provide 24/7 service, so rest assure- there will always be someone available to help!
  • We will ask for the make, model and year of your car. In order to give you the best service, we need to know some information about your car. Furthermore, we could give you the final quote in advanced!
  • Once you are happy with the price and would like to proceed with our service, we will ask for additional information. For example – Your exact location, an available phone number and more! In addition, we will answer any other question you might have.

Our Car Keys Make Technicians

Please remember, we are here to help at all time! Our professional technicians are available and ready to come over and help out. Moreover, they are mobile and spread all around town, so in case of need, we could send the nearest one to your location.

Also, our locksmiths come fully prepared to your situation! They come with all the relevant tools in advanced so they could fix the problem on the spot!

In addition, we make sure to keep our prices the lowest ones in the market!  We know that making new car keys probably wasn’t a planned outcome, and that’s why we want to make as convenient as possible. Remember, you can get the quote in advanced!

Contact us for any more questions or if you wish to use our services.

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