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Commercial Locksmith

When opening a business there are is one main concern you must have is regarding security. Our company know how important this topic, therefore, we make sure to give business young or old the proper security net.

In research that was contacted to understand how much money businesses lose due to security problems, it has been found that businesses lose in Australia $1.4 billion dollars. We have collected ways for you to upgrade your business, and ways we can help you succeed in being secured

Commercial Locksmith

4 ways to upgrade your security


Even though it seems minor, proper lighting is one of the most important steps when wanting to secure your business. why you ask? well the answer is quite simple. When planning to rob or vandalize a business the people behind the crime try not to be seen. therefore they will choose the more dark environment to hide their identity. Placing the proper lighting will be a small investment that will provide you a good night sleep.

cash safe:

If your business inquires regular money transactions a smart thing to buy will be safe. though few pounds of steal and bolts will defiantly come handy when some unwanted is sniffing around. Often used with a key or a PIN safes are a great solution to upgrade your security, and even more tempting, some insurance companies will even give discounts to business that maintain a safe.

alarm system:

Alarm systems are designed to make a strong noise whenever an intruder enter the premises. Then a notice will be sent to you and the alarm company And worker will contact you and ask to be provided with the password, when they do not receive a response or receive the wrong password they will move forward to alert the police. Alarm Systems are always a good investment when it comes to your insurance company, they will see you are active in securing your business and will even offer discounts to those who do.

video surveillance:

Although alarm systems are very beneficial they as well have their disadvantages, that is easily overcome when having video surveillance. When choosing your security system there are a lot of topics needed to be considered. But sometimes it can come to .one incidence that will cripple your business and deny it years of success. One of the most officiant ways is by always being in control of what is happening. By having a system that allows you to constantly see what is happening in your store not only you get to make sure your employs are loyal but you can catch a burglar in action or use the footage to be paid what you are owed by a thief. These days you can even find remote controlled systems that can be monitored even from the most secluded arias.

Insured and Bonded

when it comes to your security we go to great measures making sure you get the best service we can provide. Therefore our locksmiths are Insured, licenced and experienced in these matters. We pride ourselves on having customer service 24 hours a day every day of the week. Ready to help you at any time and anyway they can. Our company makes sure that you will be 100% satisfied buy our work.

services we provide

In order to help you as much as we can we try to provide help in as many areas as possible keeping a steady and strong focus on the ratio between quality and quantity in the best prices, you can find!

We provide services such as : 

  • Lock change 
  • Business lockout 
  • Security upgrade 
  • Security alarm installments
  • Emergency locksmith service
  • Commercial Locksmith  
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