Locksmith Sydney keep you safe during COVID19

As a result of the Coronavirus spreading around, more and more people choose not to use a locksmith service when needed. Most of them are afraid of letting a stranger in, not because they don’t know him, but because they don’t know where he’s been. Moreover, they’re afraid that he might carry the virus with him without even knowing. Although it’s true that our technicians see several people in one day, they make sure to be fully protected.

In addition, we know that you can have the virus and not even know about it. In fact, you might go through it without feeling sick at all. So, we understand your fear and concerns. However, we assure you that we take all safety measures available today, and following all the rules. Moreover, each one of the technicians is been checked out to make sure he’s not showing any symptoms of the virus. We do our best to keep you safe.

Furthermore, we at Locksmith Sydney remains available at all time to help out. Even though there’s an epidemic going on, we do our best to help everyone who needs us at all times. We are here to help with any lock-related problem 24/7. Whether it’s a house or bedroom lockout, keys locked in the car or even a lock change – We are here to help! Also, our prices remain the cheapest you can find. We know it’s a difficult time for all of us and wants to be affordable and available for all.

keep you safe

How Locksmith Sydney keep you safe?

Cleaning and disinfecting

Rest assured, we’re disinfecting our tools and equipment before every job. Also, you can ask the technician to disinfect the area he worked in (and not only cleaning him). In addition, as we already mentioned, we use alcohol and hand sanitizer before and after every job. We do our best to keep you safe mentally and physically.

Wearing protective equipment

All of our technicians wear mask and gloves.

Moreover, they make sure to use a hand sanitizer before wearing the gloves, and after taking them off.

Also, they’ll wear the mask and gloves throughout the entire time they’ll be in your location.

keep you safe

So, in conclusion, we urge you not to fear using our locksmith service. Your safety is our number one concern, and we’re doing our best to keep it.

Please feel free to contact us at all times for our professional locksmith service.