Lock Problem / Fix

Door won't lock up for the night?

Whether the key won’t turn or it’s the lock itself, here are some tips to check out what you need to do!

Gently, try to remove the key and lubricate the lock using WD40 or some other dry lube, such as Teflon-based dry lubricant. Otherwise, if the key won’t remove, don’t try to force it. Still apply the lubricant and wait for a bit while it soaks in. If the key removes and the lock turns then you have success! Otherwise, it can be some completely different issue.

Locksmith Door won’t lock

Other Lock Issues

Internal Lock Problem

Overall, if all else fails and you are able to open and fix the lock, it is probably a part that has broken. Although, taking apart a lock is tricky and very hard to put back together. Moreover, it may just be advantageous to change the lock completely. Pre-emptively calling a locksmith may save you a lot of angst. Locksmith Sydney can come out at anytime is to assist with a DIY gone awry!

Door Misalignment

Often times, due to inclement weather or a change of your door, your lock may not align with the door frame. At this point, stepping back to see if the door is sagging can determine this. If you are handy, you may be able to adjust the hinge. Otherwise, you can call a door repair service.

Modern Lock Issues

Modern locks can be a completely different ball game. Such things as WIFI and battery play a bigger role in Modern lock issues. Moreover, keypad locks and code issues can come into play. Always check your instructions to troubleshoot issues with these locks. Otherwise, if you can’t find a solution, a locksmith will certainly be able to sort it out. Call Locksmith Sydney anytime for all your lock issues!