Master Key System

Master Key System

What is a master key system and how does it work? Moreover, does it suit your business or building rental. A master key system allows you to regulate the access to your property. Thus, giving you more control of daily operations. Furthermore, it can provide different access level in order to give you better security. Essentially, a master key system comes down to how the locks are pinned. Some keys will operate some locks with their being different levels of top key to open some or all of them. This offers convenience for management and tenants. Allowing management access to areas that may have an emergency issue. Such as, fire, flooding or electrical. A master key system is the master key, locks, users and management. Thus, enabling everyone access to the areas that they need. 

Master Key Set-up

Overall, the hierarchy of a master key system is usually set-up like this. The owner of the property would get the great grand master key which opens all doors. Elsewise, managers and others in charge would receive a grand master key which opens tenants doors and other lock regarding the running of the building. Superintendents would receive the master key which would open tenants units. Otherwise, office staff and janitorial staff would receive a change key that only opens the doors that they would need access. Moreover, tenants would receive change keys to their unit and storage. Of course, there are rules and regulations governing the use of these keys which you can check here. 

Locksmith Sydney

Master Key Systems can be tricky and require a qualified locksmith to set-up! Moreover, most commercial and residential buildings have a FOB or card reader main entry. Locksmith Sydney can organize and provide a comprehensive master key system for your property. Designed and detailed to suit your exact requirements.