Rekey Your Padlocks to a Master Key

Why spend time and struggle to unlock multiple units or even one door. Usually, padlocks have individual keys which can make for quite a large key ring. Overall, if you have many doors or units locked with a padlock, it would be ideal for them to operate on just 1 or  2 keys. Ultimately, this would depend on the type of padlocks and whether they sync with each other. Although, one or two or even slightly more keys are better and more manageable that a bunch!

Rekey Your Padlocks

Padlock Rekeying

The internal components of each padlock would have to be re-combined to fit the new key. Although, similar padlocks would lend to this much easier. Therefore, if you haven’t purchased the padlocks yet, get the locks with the same code on the box. Purchasing any locks, all at once, makes for better rekeying. Overall, this should make it so that there will need to be only one key. Otherwise, more than one key (but not too many) will be needed for already in use padlocks of different codes and styles. 

Keep in mind that all padlocks cannot be rekeyed and that you may have to change some out or check before you purchase. Moreover, you can purchase master cylinders to rekey set each padlock. These can be cost effective if you have many padlocks in use. 

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