House break-in - 8 Ways to Avoid Burglars

Burglar tips they don't want you to know
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In order to help you as much as we can, we’ve made up a list of tips to help you avoid house break-in:

Lock your doors

30% of all burglars enter though a unlocked or even open front or side door. Make sure all your doors when you leave the house.

Do not leave notes

It’s nice to come back home and see a note from mom saying that she will be back soon. But for the burglars that is a clear invitation to break into you house and rob you of your possessions. Never leave a note stating your whereabouts, not even if it is to say that your in the garden.

Upgrade your security

If you are worried about an intruder entering your home while you are asleep or at anytime, a one-way deadbolt on you door will immediately upgrade your security, in a pinch. These are not accessible from the outside because they don’t have a plate. Therefore a burglar will not even know that there is an extra lock.

Cover your windows

Moreover, it can be safe to say, that if an intruder does not know, for sure, that you are not home or not, he will probably not take the chance.

Therefore, covering your windows is a great way to make the burglar uncertain.

One way is to cover the windows with curtains in your hose. another way is to use frost, glaze. As well, don’t forget your garage windows and make sure they are covered. Thus, a burglar can’t see in to the garage and tell if your car is gone. You can do this with a simple can of glass frosting spray — and it’s quick and easy! How to frost your windows, check here!

Your address

For a better police response time you should ensure that your street number is easily visible, even at nighta. Police may respond in time to a call regarding your house but will be delayed buy simply missing it, witch will give the bugler time to run off with your belongings.

Motion activated outdoor sensor/flood lights

Sensor or flood light settings can be set to the range that you require. Setting them at close range or to cover the whole garden area, will deter any intruders with a flood of lights. This is the best defense against burglars, as being seen is their worst nightmare.

Plant thorny shrubs near your window

Overall, planting thorny bushes by window that can be accessed, will make it even more unwelcoming! Thieves look for easy access and easy targets.

Break into your own home

This might sound extreme but this is crucial. After all, knowing the weak points of your house is ideal and then you can fortify your home. If you find yourself able to break in, you will know that a professional burglar will have no problem.

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