Home Security - Reflective window film

Home Secuirty

Home security has never had so many better options! Reflective window film is simply applied in liquid form and is now available and easy for the DIY’ers or a professional application. Moreover, if you are not handy you can simply apply reflective film from a roll. 

Home Security benefits

Overall, the home security benefits are large! No one can see in. Therefore, they can’t see what you have in the home. Overall, discouraging any would be thieves. Thieves like an easy target. Furthermore, the liquid reflective applique strengthen the window making it harder to break. 

Home privacy benefits

Privacy so that no one can see in is ideal, but you can still see out. Feel comfortable in your own home! Although, it is essential that you research and purchase a high quality liquid reflective film. Moreover, if you are not handy at DIY, have a professional apply it. 

All over home benefits

Privacy, better security and window strength and to top it off, UV protection and more energy efficiency! Of course, it is more cost effective than replacing the windows but it does need to be re-apply regularly.