Break-in protection for your business

Tips for security your business - inside and out

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Break-in protection for your business, that you need! You work hard at running your own business and you have come so far! Learn how to best protect your business interests.

Break-in protection & Tech security

First and foremost, alarms and mostly cameras will help avoid the unfortunate event of a break-in or vandalism at your business. Built your business from the ground up or having earn it with your hard work, either way, it needs protection.

Break-in protection for your business - Make sure you have the best locks

Having locks that are resistant to buglars is the best idea. All locks are not created equal. Furthermore, many locks are design with clever tricks to help you avoid any criminal breaking into your business. As well, many times the frames for the windows and the doors are not considered. Locks are only as good as the strength of the frames that are holding them.

Break-in protection for your business - Smart locks and tricks to help secure your business

Overall, unless you operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, your business is most vunerable when you are closed. Most buglaries occur between 8 pm and 7 am.

Noises and lights can deter buglars

Buglars do not like attention. Loud noises and alarms will scare them away even if they surmise that no one is there. Loud noises can make them re-access and decide that your business is not an easy target, after all. Furthermore, after you have closed up, make sure you still have your certain lights on. This is also a deterrent for a buglar.

Protecting glass doors and windows

Overlooked glass doors and windows need to be addressed. Setting them with alarms is a great idea. As well, there is available new glass that protectes against a break-in. 

Business lock types

Many new locks that are of higher security are available for business’ nowdays. The state of technology for a variety of new locks and alarm system is very impressive. Fingerprint locks that can accomodate companies with a large number of employees to key cards and more. Key pad code entry locks or you may want to have all the locks rekeyed to a master key. Rekeying will make less keys thus, making it easier to keep track of all employees keys. Further, a lost key or a key not returned, then you can rekey the locks again. Much less costly than replacing the locks. Overall, remember a lock is only as effective as the frame that supports it. 

Train you employees

Often, an Emergency Action Plan, can be overlooked. Having an EAP can be ideal in the protection of your employees and your business. When staff know what to do in emergencies, everyone is safer and not as overwhelmed, if any unfortunate issue comes up . We recommend that emergency procedures and policy are given upmost attention. Alarms system operation, shut down procedures, emergency contact numbers. When everyone at the company knows what to do, any emergency can be resolved more safely and easily.

Break-in protection for your business Sum up

Last but not least, all your business locks and security systems can have a risk assessment done by a locksmith. This is a proactive way of avoiding unforeseen costs down the road. A break-in or any other security issue can cause a large expense, afterwards. Spending on prevention is the best idea to keep your business and property from being a target!

Over all, the key things you need to remember in order to protect your business are:

  • Have an emergency plan
  • Keep it lit and noisy (alarms)
  • Utilize the right type of locks
  • Check and assess the perimeter
  • Check all windows and doors
  • Train your employees for emergencies