Locksmith Homebush - 24 hour Locksmith service

Locksmith Homebush – Found yourself stuck outside your house in the middle of the night? Lost your car keys? Need an emergency locksmith as fast as possible? We are here for you!


Finding yourself Locked out of your house or car can be a very unpleasant situation. Therefore, we provide the best and most affordeble locksmith service in the area. We focus on what is best for our clients and make sure everyone finish off their day satisfied and relaxed.

Moreover, our locksmith works around the clock and available 24 hours a day. Also we at, Locksmith Homebush have a response time of 20-30 min for any place in the area!

Our 3 Primary Emergency Mobile Services Are:

Locksmith Door won’t lock

24-Hour Vehicle Homebush Locksmith Service

When you call our locksmith service we will need 3 important pieces of information:

  1. Your current address
  2. The make, model and year of your vehicle
  3. A contact phone number that we can reach you on immediately*


*The last one might be tricky, especially if you’ve locked your phone in the car with everything.

Our customers have been known to borrow a restaurant, convenience store or even a pizza shop’s phone. There must be a way for our locksmiths to reach you while you are locked out.

Emergency House Lockout Service

Found yourself locked out of your house? No worries, jusy give Locksmith Homebush a call and we’ll send a technician right away!

Our locksmiths will come and unlock your door without doing any damage to your property. They carry with themall the tools and supplies that they need, so they could take care of any lock situations quickly and professionally.

You can ask them to do more jobs when they are there, such as:

  • Change the lock
  • Fix the lock
  • Re-key your locks
  • Unlock a door
  • Install a peep hole
  • And more…..

Emergency Commercial Homebush Locksmith Service

Trying to open up your shop for and it won’t open? Call us and we will be there as fast as possible!

Our technicians are qualified and skillful when it comes to security of your premises. From your basic lock to biometric systems, we can install, replace and repair any lock`.

Additional services can include:

  • Unlock another door
  • Repair another lock
  • Re-key to a master key
  • Washroom door unlock
  • Filing cabinet locks

We are here to help with any problem at all time! Contact us if you are in any problem or have any question. We are available at all times and would be happy to help. Call us 02-8311-3333