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Deadbolt Security – The advent of the deadbolt lock has offered better security for home or office, by far, over any other style locks, previously. Before this, it was simple style locks/handle sets that were used and are still used, today. Deadbolt locks are stronger and more difficult to break open than most locks. Although, they are not impenetrable, they are definitely a great addition to a standard handle lock, on a door. Moreover, the deadbolt has been re-imagined with the smart deadbolt lock. This new style of deadbolt has many options. Such as, remote access, fingerprint access and more.. As well they have camera, notification and voice options and hidden manual key access. Overall, these options are fitted into the exact size of the familiar deadbolt. Smart deadbolt locks bring your door online, allowing you access from anywhere.

Security of the deadbolt lock

Most importantly, not all locks are created equal. Mostly, they are many factors that determine the level of the lock security. Such as, the metal it is made of, stainless steel would be the strongest. Otherwise, brass is next in line, followed by zinc mixed with aluminium. Unbelievably, some locks are even made out of plastic, stay away from these. Furthermore, lock security will also depend on the amount of pins and the intricacies of the key. Overall, deciding on the security of any lock will depend on what it is securing. Although, any lock is only as good as the frame it locks into.

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